Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Little Man Who Wasn't There

Here's a brief synopsis and notes of The Shadow radio episode, "The Little Man That Wasn't There" that originally aired on April 8, 1945.  

An invisible little man has made three daring robberies and leaves behind a note at each one.  He robs a lady of a priceless diamond, a gentleman of thousands in bonds, and an actress of costly jewelry.  Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane get involved and Commissioner Weston believes the invisible thief is non other than The Shadow! 

I think it was a great touch for Margo to recite the poem that inspired the crime!  The name of the poem is "Antigonish" and was written by William Hughes Means in 1899 but was later made into a popular song in 1939 by Glen Miller.  Here's the part that Margo recites in the show:
"Last night I saw upon the stair,
A little man who wasn't there,
He wasn't there again today
Oh, how I wish he'd go away..."

All three victims had insured their items through the same insurance agent, so Lamont and Margo pay him a visit.  While talking with him, he is shot and killed!  Lamont does some investigating and pays a visit to each of the victims as The Shadow.  He invites them to come to the theater just before midnight and the little invisible man will return their stolen goods!  It turns out The Shadow has already deduced the three "victims" are in league to commit insurance fraud as the items were not stolen!  Each one pretended to wrestle with an invisible little man and claimed he stole their items so they could not only keep the items but claim the insurance for them being stolen.  All three are arrested by Commissioner Weston and The Shadow proves his innocence!

This was the first Shadow episode I've listened to that starred John Archer as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow.  I must say that I don't particularly care for his portrayal.  To me, his voice doesn't seem to match the character and The Shadow's laugh just seems too forced.  It was a good story, but I just don't like Archer's voice for The Shadow.  Maybe as I listen to more of his shows I'll get a better feel for him as The Shadow!  John Archer portrayed The Shadow in the 8th season of the radio show (1944-1945).

Lamont Cranston/The Shadow:  John Archer
Margo Lane:  Judith Allen
Commissioner Weston:  Ted de Corsia

Sponsor:  Lin-X

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  1. Nice find with those Lin-X ads. I also didn't know the history behind the poem or song. Thanks for diving deep into these bits of history for The Shadow.