Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Shadow's Powers and Abilities

The Shadow on the radio show displays quite a few powers and abilities.  I wanted to catalog them in one article, and this is the start!  As I hear of new ones, I will add them.  I've included the radio episode in which the power/ability is displayed!


  • He can cloud men's minds so that they cannot see him (making him invisible)!  This power is a part of every Shadow episode, but we learn some background information in Death House Rescue and The Temple Bells of Neban.
  • He can see the thoughts of others as if he were watching a TV show.  (Death House Rescue)
  • He can make others see things that are not really there.  (The Three Ghosts)
  • He can place himself in suspended animation so as to appear dead.  (Can The Dead Talk)


  • Lamont Cranston can fly an airplane.  (Black Rock)
  • He has medical training and can perform operations. (The Shadow Returns)
  • He has extensive knowledge of African animals. (The Leopard Strikes)

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